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New Products

  • The Salmon Guy’s Compost Teas

    Compost tea is the wonder additive that you have been looking for.  The salmon Guy’s compost teas offer your plants ” Live and Active” bacteria that are very beneficial  to your pl ...


  • Gavita Pro 300 Light Emitting Plasma (LEP)

    The Gavita Pro 300 LEP produces light with a spectrum similar to that of the sun. The full light spectrum even includes UVB. The Gavita Pro 300 LEP is a solid state horticultural plasma light fixture. ...


  • NPK Stack 16oz

    NPK Industries Gold Series Technology presents “Multiply” & “Stack”. Multiply and Stack are designed to be used with all Nutrient Regiments and Feeding Programs. In Nature, all things have ...


  • NPK Multiply 32oz

    NPK Industries Gold Series Technology presents “Multiply” & “Stack”. Multiply and Stack are designed to be used with all Nutrient Regiments and Feeding Programs. In Nature, all things hav ...




  • Hortilux LU 1000 MH/HTL/EN Super Blue Dual Arc

    The Eye Super Blue lamp features the extraordinary power of Super HPS and the balanced spectrum of Hortilux Blue in one bulb! The benefits of Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium together: vigorous g ...


  • Hortilux LU1000B/HTL/EN

    Provides 25% more energy in violet, blue and green spectrum than standard High Pressure Sodium. The combination of Super HPS and the Metal Ace conversion lamp provides the optimum spectral energy leve ...


  • Sunmaster M1000 U37WDX

    Proper lighting is a key ingredient in promoting robust, healthy growth as well as meeting the needs of various plant growth phases through optimized spectral outputs. Sunmaster ...


  • GE MH 1000/U/BT-37

    Metal Halide Grow lights have good spectral distribution. MH Grow Lights emit the bluish and green regions of the light spectrum. Metal Halide Grow Systems stimulate plant growth more efficiently than ...



  • Luxor 8in Air Cooled Reflector

    Vertical burning lamp configuration in a completely symmetrical reflector provides optimal light usage from the lamp. Computer 3D modeled reflector and optic for superior performance. New 98% reflecti ...


  • Blazer 8in Air Cooled Reflector

    Includes tempered glass, built-in socket & 15 ft lamp cord. Dimensions: 29″l x 25″w x 9.5″h Completely sealed – Featuring hinged glass and neoprene gasket to hold glass tig ...


  • Magnum XXXL 8in Air Cooled Reflector

    Largest family of reflectors in the industry at 38 1/2″ L x 29 1/2″ W x 9 12″ H. 95% reflective European aluminum interior offers excellent reflectivity and diffusion. The exterior i ...


  • Parabolic 48in White Reflector

    Brushed aluminum on the backside and white on the inside (where lamp is located). All reflectors include assembly hardware. Reflectors come unassembled. All reflectors include the Adjust-a-Socket moun ...


Pesticides and Fungicides

  • Liquid Ladybug RTU 32oz

    Liquid Ladybug is a bio miticide that employs organic botanical oils for controlling spider mite infestations on all indoor and outdoor plants and crops. It is designed to stop mite respiration and to ...


  • Freq Water Mighty Wash Gallon

    Mighty Wash is a new revolutionary way to solve your plant problems. Mighty Wash is ready-to-use proprietary formula. It may be used throughout the grow and flower cycle up to and including the day of ...


  • AzaMax Quart

    AzaMax is a natural product with a broad spectrum of pest control. It contains Azadirachtin A & B as active ingredients and more than 100 limonoids. AzaMax does not use hard chemical solvents and ...



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